We settled in Minneapolis.  At this time, I turned my focus primarily on residential windows.  I have been really fortunate to build a large base of loyal customers, especially in St. Louis Park and around the Chain of Lakes, who love to have clean windows.  In the past two years I’ve been able to expand into Golden Valley and Minnetonka and I am currently prepared to service residents all over Minneapolis and the western suburbs.

Now a word about my views as a businessman:  I believe in doing the kind of work for my customers that I would expect to get if I were the customer.  It’s simple, but I stick to it unwaveringly.  No cutting corners.  Nothing but excellence.  I set exacting standards for myself, just like I set them for the people that I pay to do things for me.  When I get done with a job, as I walk back to the curb, I love looking back for a moment to see the way light reflects off of windows that I have labored on.  I take pride in my work and in my reputation. 

Whether you want to have your windows washed as
part of your home's routine seasonal maintenance or
are planning to host an event at your place and want
your windows to look spectacular, I'm completely
confident that you will be glad you hired me. 

Also, if you are trying to sell a house, get an edge in
the tough market right now by having your windows
cleaned.  There's perhaps no better way, dollar for
dollar, of giving your home an upgrade than bringing
into it the added brightness, warmth, and brilliance
that come with expertly cleaned windows.

Contact me today and see what
the Window Guy! difference is all about.

3013 salem avenue
st. louis park, MN
I started washing windows in the summer of 2000.  Being pretty young at the time (19 / 20 years old), free as a bird, and full of Wanderlust, I wanted to find a way to travel and still support myself.  After experimenting with a few ideas that didn’t work as well as I had hoped, I stumbled upon window washing.  This was in Oceanside, California.  I went door-to-door through the business district and was quickly amazed at how much money I was able to earn.  (It sure beat busting concrete curb for the temp agency!)  Over the next few weeks, I worked on my window washing technique and sales approach in nearby Carlsbad, Laguna Beach and others.  Before long, I had a good feel for this new business of mine, and I hit the road with a couple of friends.  I did this for almost a year.  Had a great time both in terms of travel and of enjoying having my own business.  It didn’t matter if I was in Seattle Washington, Bend Oregon, Kalispell Montana, Weatherford Texas, or anywhere in between, I always had a job!  I learned from this experience, that as long as I live, I want to be in business for myself!

I ended up living in Prague, Czech Republic for about a year, where I met my wife.  After I brought her home to the USA (Minneapolis, specifically), we bought a head-start bus, converted into an RV and traveled around the country for an extended honeymoon.  Again, washing windows along the way!
My bride with our pooch at Arches National Park
Harley and I at Glacier N.P.
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