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Frequently Asked Questions
The Window Guy!

How do you charge?

I determine a price based upon a number of things:

1.)  the number of windows, and to a certain extent, the size of the

2.)  other factors that could make for a longer/more difficult than
average cleaning, such as unusually hard to reach windows or a
significant amount of paint over-spray for example.

In the vast majority of cases, I take these factors and formulate a
price based on projected man-hours and give you a single flat-rate up-front price.

Very occasionally, however, a job will be of such a nature that per-hour pricing will make the most sense for both me and you. 

To request a free quote, just call me up or send me an e-mail.  In your message, please be sure to state your name and address and the pertinent details (i.e., “all the windows,” or “just the three- season porch,” et cetera). I’ll stop by within the next day or two. (Or for more information on quotes, click here.)

Another note: obviously windows with divided panes, “French windows,” entail quite a bit more work than one simple pane of glass. Although I don’t find it necessary, when estimating a price, to count each pane of glass as a separate window per se, I still need to charge more for windows and doors of this nature to compensate for the extra time spent cleaning them.

Also, when working on brand new construction or on windows that have been obviously neglected for many, many years, I may see the need to add a surcharge of 25 – 40%. This, of course, will be explained to you up-front and will be reflected in the price of the initial cleaning only.

You gave me a price for insides and outsides, what if I just want the outsides
done this time?

This is fairly common. If you don’t have “nosey” pets or small, grubby-handed children (like mine!) who are attracted to your windows, you might not need the interior glass cleaned every time. My ballpark estimate is about 60% of the total price of insides and outsides, as a bit more than half the work is outside. Just contact me for an exact figure.

Are you careful not to make a mess?

Absolutely. Unless you advise me otherwise, I remove my shoes before entering your home. Also, if I need to bring a ladder inside, I make sure it is clean first. And, I change my solution frequently. Basically, I treat your place with the respect that I myself would expect from others.

Do you wash windows year round?

Yes. Although residential window cleaning becomes more difficult at temps lower than 25⁰F, it can still be done in many cases. We have a few things at our disposal to help get the job done in the cold – to a point. Admittedly, there are days during the Minnesota winter when it just can't be reasonably done. With commercial windows, there is much more latitude. Please contact me, and I'll assess the weather forecast and the type of windows to be washed and we'll work out a plan.

The bulk of my routine residential window cleaning usually goes from early March to early December.

Are you insured?

Yes, with full liability insurance, covered up to a million dollars.

Do I have to be home while my windows are being washed? 

No. If we need to make any kind of arrangements, we can do so. I’m flexible. In fact, if you're just having me do the outsides, you need not be home at all; but please do forget to provide an outside water-source.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you want to cancel, no problem. I only ask that, if possible, you inform at least 2 days ahead of time. This would be really helpful and much appreciated.

What if it’s raining?

If it’s a light rain, it generally does not present a problem. Also, I’ve noticed that it is only a fraction of the time that our local meteorologists’ predictions of rain or thunderstorms come true. I’ve cancelled a day’s work a number of times only to see a cloudy sky give no rain – or even give way to sunshine! So, I hope you’ll understand if I’m hesitant to accept the predictions about the “big storm” that’s supposed blow into town in a couple of days on the afternoon your window-cleaning is scheduled.

Having said that, if there is moderate to heavy rain, I will cancel and we can reschedule. Such weather only makes window cleaning difficult and, in many cases, unsafe.

This is a good time to talk about the effect of rain on your recently cleaned windows. People often ask me what their freshly cleaned windows will look like after the next rainfall. Well, it’s important to note that the rain itself – which is clean – does not make your clean windows dirty. What does make windows dirty is dust, tree sap, bird and insect droppings, and so forth.  Also, if the exterior of your house is dirty, the rain, as it flows down the siding or stucco, accumulates dirt and it can leave this dirt on your windows if they are it its path. The kinds of eaves, or roof overhangs, found on many houses are usually enough to mitigate or even eliminate this effect. However, I have some customers whose houses are of such a design that there is no protection of this sort, and their windows literally get broadsided by every nasty bit of weather that comes our way. Having the exterior of your house pressure washed from time to time is one way to minimize the amount of dirt that the rain can carry over you windows. 

One other thing: I’ve notice that a lot of lawn services are not very careful about where they point their leaf-blowers, and oftentimes they blow all kinds of dust and lawn debris right toward your house and windows. If you can get them to do otherwise, you will have done a lot to keep your windows clean longer.

Do you need a water source?

Yes. For window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing I will need water. It is particularly helpful if I can get hot water in the colder months.

How do I get things ready?  Do I have to move things out of your way?

If you just have a few items here and there by your windows, don’t worry about it. It’s no problem for me to move it. However, if you have many items by a window I prefer that you move them. Same goes for items that you are particularly concerned about. Thanks for your understanding.

Do you clean screens?

Absolutely. Screen cleaning is a basic component of my window-cleaning service.

If I hire you to clean my gutters, where do you put the debris?

Where ever you want it. Some customers prefer that I bag it, while others tell me to just let it fall into the garden areas. Heck, if you want, I can even throw into your pesky next-door neighbor’s swimming pool! (Just kidding, of course. . .)

Is pressure washing safe on my house/property?

Not necessarily. Pressure washers utilize high pressure and, when used incorrectly, are definitely capable of damaging your property; that is why you should only hire a professional to do this. When you hire me, you can rest assured that the job will be done carefully and properly. 

If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, please give me a call at (952) 929-1664 or click here.
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