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Typically, I can restore your damaged glass for a half, or even a third, of the cost of replacement!

Often, people say that glass restored with the GlassRenu® system looks so flawless, they can't believe it's not new glass! Call me or email me today and I can give you a free glass restoration estimate. High volume jobs qualify for reduced rates.
Check out these amazing before-and-after shots and learn why GlassRenu   has rapidly become the system professionals overwhelmingly prefer for fixing graffiti scratches, acid damage, construction damage, and hard-water damage on all kinds of glass – yes, even tempered glass.
Vandals have "tagged" this large store-front window.

Replacing it would come at a hefty price, and allowing it to remain there reflects badly upon the store.
The graffiti scratches are ground out using the GlassRenu's progression of patented grinding pads. Once the scratches have been removed, the restored area is carefully blended into the surrounding glass, using still other pads and a specially designed buffing compound.

GlassRenu's "dry" process gets results that are clean and distortion-free – unmatched by anything in the industry.
The final buffing is complete. The glass looks brand new – at only a fraction of the cost of replacement!
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