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Having clogged gutters is BAD
NEWS for your roof. Without
proper drainage, you run the risk
of getting a leaky roof during
storms and, even worse, a higher
chance of getting ice-dams in the
winter. That's why routine gutter
cleaning is so important. In most
cases, late spring and late fall are

When you hire us to clean your
gutters, here’s what you can

First we go along your gutters,
yard by yard, extracting the
debris by hand. While it’s not
uncommon for people to ask me
to simply toss the compost-like
debris into their gardens or
flower-beds, I will certainly bag
it all up if that is your preference.

Lastly, we bring out a hose and
flush the gutters and down-
spouts out with water. Besides
being a good way to clean out
the gutters thoroughly, this last step helps me see if you have any clogged spouts, which, if you have them, I unplug.

Often, even gutters with grills or other protective coverings get clogged, albeit more slowly. We can clean these, too!

Many people tend to forget to have this done, until one day, after a couple of years, they notice they've got a "roof-top garden" growing up there (or are starting to get leaks). If this is you, don't sweat it. Just call me over. I'll be happy to deal with it for you.

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